The Winery

70 years of passion and love for wine

The Alagna family brings the taste of the sun and the earth to your wine glasses using the best grapes which are produced in its own vineyard. The respect for tradition and the love for our work give birth to wines which make our country special. The winery, which is partially built in a medieval mine, is open to all the people who love wines.

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Respect for tradition and quality.

The firm produces, ages, bottle and store the wines coming from the local vineyards It has a capacity of 50,000 hectolitres distributed in containers of different kinds: steel, concrete, fibreglass tanks or in large wooden barrels. Moreover, it is possible to see a vast range of machinery used for the production and refining of the final product Since Marsala wine is one of the main products of the Alagna firm, there is a vast cellar where it is possible to see a great number of oak barrels in which traditional systems of production such as the Soleras and the alcoholisation of musts are still used


Technologies and territorial protection.

The firm has approximately 50 hectares of vineyards spread over Marsala, Mazara, Trapani and Salemi. In these areas, it cultivates the grape varieties necessary for the production of its wines: Zibibbo, Nero d’Avola, Grillo, Catarratto, Inzolia and Damaschino. These are all local grapes that can be cultivated only in Sicily and which require a particular microclimate that can only be found in the province of Trapani. The firm uses a blend of traditional and modern techniques for the production of these grapes. For example, it has begun to use systems of mechanical harvesting, but it also uses ancient systems such as the spur pruning cordon. Moreover, the entire production is made trying to minimise the environmental impact and to preserve the environment.