Kosho Sushi Wine


White Table Wine

KOSHO wine embraces the growing fusion gastronomic culture linking the italian wine making tradition with Japanese cusine. This wine blends perfectly with the umami taste of Japanese dishes

Serve at 8- 10° C

Grapes: Blend of white italian grapes picked up early
Cultivation area: Marsala and Mazara del Vallo
Training system: Head training or cordon training, dry
Colour: Intense straw-yellow
Bouquet: Slightly fruity
Taste: Fresh and structured, harmonious
Aging: 3 months in steel
Alcohol content: 12° by vol
Available formats: 75cl with cork
Label: The cart/wagon was choses as a symbol because it is common in both cultures (Sicilian decorated cart and Asian rickshaw)

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Siluetta della donna incinta che beve vino da vetro nell'illustrazione di vettore di simbolo di arresto | Vettore Gratis

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