Crema Mandorla


Flavored wine with almond aroma – SWEET

Excellent with ice-cream and with any kind of almond sweets.
Serve at 10-12°C



Main product: Marsala Fine D.O.P., sugars, alcohol, flavorings, caramel coloring E 150 D
Colour: Amber
Bouquet: Aromatic, intense
Taste: Sweet, round, lingering
Characteristics: It can be stored for several years. Once opened, it maintains its organoleptic characteristics for long time due to its high alcohol content
Sugar content: Over 200 g/l
Alcohol content: 16,5° by volume
Available formats: 75cl with T shaped cork
Service temperature: 10-12°C
Food matching: Excellent with ice-cream and with any kind of almond sweets
Production process: Sweet Marsala flavoured with almond aromas

Store in fresh area
Store in standing position


2021 – 3 diamonds – Di Wine Taste

Recycling of packaging waste

<strong> 75CL marsala screw cap cork Bottle </strong>

Glass bottles: Glass GL71
Plastic Cork:  Aluminum C/ALU 90
Please verify the requirement of your city hall

Nutritional values

Data per 100 ml

Total Kcal183
Fats (gr)0
Of which: saturated Fatty acids (Gr)0
Of which sugar (Gr)23
Fiber (Gr)0
Proteins (Gr)0
Salt (gr)0