Zibibbo Duzi’


Sicilia Indicazione Geografica Protetta

Dessert Fortified Wines

An elegant dessert wine.
Best if served with biscuits, cakes and dry sweets. Serve at 12-15°C



Grapes: Zibibbo (Muscat of Alexandria)
Land: Sicilia Occidentale
Breeding: Sapling Marsala or espalier, dry
Color: Golden, load
Perfume: Aromatic, full and persistent
Taste: Sweet warm
Features: Can be stored for several years. Also open,
keeps its organoleptic characteristics over time thanks to the
its alcohol content
Sugar content: 110-120 g/l
Alcohol content: 16.5 vol.
Sizes available: 75cl with mushroom cap

In the heart of the enchanting island of Sicily, between breathtaking landscapes and a rich cultural history, there is a wine treasure: the Zibibbo. This sweet fortified wine enchants the palates of those lucky enough to taste it, bringing centuries of tradition and a myriad of unique flavors.

The viticulture of Zibibbo is closely linked to the Sicilian landscape. The vines are mainly cultivated in the western regions of the island, where the warm and dry climate favors the development of the bunches. Volcanic soils enrich the mineral profile of the wine, giving it character and complexity.

The production of Zibibbo is an art handed down from generation to generation. After the manual harvesting of the grapes at full ripeness, the grapes are gently pressed to extract the juice. This juice is then fermented slowly, stopping the process before all the sugars turn into alcohol. The result is a sweet and aromatic wine with a higher alcohol content than traditional wines.

Zibibbo is an extremely versatile wine on the table. It goes well with a wide range of desserts, aged cheeses and even spicy meat dishes.

With every sip, you will immerse yourself in the enchanting world of flavors and traditions that make Zibibbo a wine treasure not to be missed.

Store in a cool place
Store the bottle in a standing position


2023 – 17 Punti (Superior) – Jancis Robinson 2023
2022 – 16,5 punti (Distinguished) – Jancis Robinson
2021 – 90 punti – Luca Maroni
2021 – 3 diamonds – Di Wine taste
2020 – 1 Vite  (Grape plant) – Vitae Magazine
2020 – 90 punti – Wine Hunter Award Merano
2017 – 1 Bicchiere – Gambero Rosso

Store in fresh area
Store in standing position

Recycling of packaging waste

 75CL T-shaped cork Bottle 

Glass bottles: Glass GL70

Plastic capsules: Plastic C/PVC90

Cork:  Not recyclable residual waste

Please verify the requirement of your city hall

Nutrition value

Data per 100 ml

Total Kcal 137
Fats (gr) 0
Of which: saturated Fatty acids (Gr) 12
Carbohydrates(Gr) 12
Of which sugar (Gr) 0
Fiber (Gr) 0
Proteins (Gr) 0
Salt (gr) 0