Marsala Superiore Secco SOM


Superior Old Marsala
Denominazione di Origine Protetta

Fortified Wine – DRY


2024 – One Heart – Merum
2023 – 16,5 Points (Distinguished) – Jancis Robinson
2023 – Gambero rosso – Mention for good value for money – Berebene 2024
2023 – 90 points– (Red) – Wine hunter award
2022 – 83 points – Luca Maroni
2022 – 16,5 points (Distinguished) – Jancis Robinson
2021 – 83 points – Luca Maroni
2020 – 3 Viti (Grape plants) – Vitae Magazine
2020 – 93 punti – Wine Hunter Award Merano
2018 – 89 points – WineHunter Merano
2017 – 2 Bicchieri – Gambero Rosso
2016 – 2 cuori – Merum




It is an excellent meditation and end-of-meal wine, served

to 15 – 20 season. C. As an aperitif it is ideal with mature cheeses, at 8 – 10 ºC

Grapes: Grillo, Catarratto and Inzolia

Cultivation area: West Sicily

Training system: head training or cordon training

Color:  amber

Perfume: Ethereal, intense

Taste: Full, persistent, with a sweet-bitter grain given by the cooked must

Aging: Minimum 2 years in ancient barrels, in tuff quarries

Features: Can be stored for several years. Also open,

keeps its organoleptic characteristics over time thanks to the

its alcohol content.

Sugar content: 20 g/l

Alcohol content: 18 vol

Sizes available: 75 cl with mushroom cap

Serving temperature: It is an excellent meditation and fine wine

meal, served at 15-20 season C. As an aperitif is ideal at 8-10 season

Food Matching: Spicy foods, sausages and mature cheeses

Production process: Blend of Sicilian white grapes, 2% must

cooked, with an addition of alcohol from vinous materials, aged

long in large oak barrels.

Store in a cool place

Store the bottle in a standing position

Marsala is a historic fortified wine. It was invented by a British merchant (John Woodhouse) in 1773 who was able to export it all over the world thanks to his relations with Admiral Nelson, who bought large quantities for his fleet.

Later, it also became one of the first Italian denominations.

It is a Sicilian wine characterized by the oxidative scent obtained thanks to its long aging in large oak barrels of at least 10,000 L (can be visited in the cellar).

In this process part of the wine evaporates year after year, and small quantities of air enter the barrel giving its characteristic aroma.

Nowadays it can be produced, aged and bottled only in the city of Marsala and in the neighboring towns.

The winery , specialized in the production of Marsala wines, offers four types of Marsala: Marsala Vergine, Marsala SOM, Marsala Fine and Marsala superiore Garibaldi dolce.


Store in a fresh area
Store in standing position

Recycling of packaging waste

75CL marsala-screw cap cork Bottle 

Glass bottles: Glass GL71

Plastic capsules: Plastic C/PVC90

Cork:  Aluminum C/ALU 90

Please verify the requirement of your city hall

Nutritional values

Data per 100 ml

Total Kcal108
Fats (gr)0
Of which: saturated Fatty acids (Gr)0
Of which sugar (Gr)2
Fiber (Gr)0
Proteins (Gr)0
Salt (gr)0