Mosto Cotto


Cooked grape must


It is the oldest sweetener in history, known also as “sapa” or “saba”.
It is an excellent seasoning for dessert, fruit and meat and it is obtained
by the slow-cooking of the grape must.



Grapes: Grillo, Catarratto and Inzolia
Cultivation area: Marsala and Mazara del Vallo
Training system: Head training or cordon training, dry
Colour: Amber, brown
Bouquet: Intense, smells of compote
Taste: Sweet, complex, scarcely tannic
Sugar content: 750 g/l
Alcohol content: Absent
Available formats: 50cl with T shaped cork
Food matching: It is an excellent seasoning for dessert, fruit and meat
Production process: t is obtained by the slow-cooking of the grape
must where a process of caramelization of sugar and evaporation
of water occurs. 6kgs of white grapes are necessary to obtain 1L of
Mosto cotto.

Cooked must is a traditional product much appreciated in various Italian regions, in particular in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia and other regions of southern Italy. It is a natural sweetener obtained from grape must, which is cooked slowly until a thick and dark liquid with a rich and caramelized taste is obtained.

The grapes are harvested and pressed to obtain the must, which is the fresh, unfermented grape juice. Then, to the cooked must, no amount of alcohol will be added. The must is then placed in large pots or boilers and cooked over low heat. During cooking, the must is reduced slowly until it loses most of its water content.

The cooking process can last several hours and requires constant care to prevent the must from burning. The result is a dense and dark liquid, similar to a syrup.

Cooked must has a color ranging from dark brown to black and a viscous and dense texture, similar to that of honey or molasses.

The taste is rich, sweet and complex, with notes of caramel, dried fruit, and sometimes a slight hint of smoked due to long cooking.

This seasoning is often used to enrich traditional desserts, but can also be used as topping for ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese or fresh cheese.

It is also used in some meat and game recipes for marinades and sauces, giving it a sweet and caramelized taste.

Cooked must is a versatile and delicious ingredient that celebrates Italian food and wine traditions. With its rich and complex flavor, it adds a unique dimension to a variety of dishes and desserts, making it a valuable product in kitchens that enhance traditional and authentic recipes.

Store in a fresh area

Store in standing position

Recycling of packaging waste

 75CL T-shaped cork Bottle 
Glass bottles: Glass GL70
Plastic capsules: Plastic C/PVC90
Cork:  Not recyclable residual waste
Please verify the requirement of your city hall

Nutritional values

Data per 100 ml

Total Kcal332
Fats (gr)0
Of which: saturated Fatty acids (Gr)0
Of which sugar (Gr)83
Fiber (Gr)0
Proteins (Gr)0
Salt (gr)0